Tuesday, July 28, 2015

SHOPPING OUR STASH #212 - Diamonds are a girls best friend...

So, I've been on vacation for the last two weeks. Hubby, fur baby and I drove home to Illinois and Wisconsin for our annual visits home with our parents. We try to do big jobs for them while in town so they don't have to hire anybody. At Andy's Mom's house, we moved furniture since she was getting the carpets cleaned. We also started to go through and sort/take home/throw away,etc., the unbelievable amount of stuff that his Dad had accumulated over decades (and didn't throw out). And that was just the office. I shudder to think of the massive amount of crap he had in the basement, that we and Andy's sister and brothers need to sort through. (I don't normally post really personal stuff on here, but Andy's father passed away a couple months ago, just to keep you up to date.) At my parents house, we power washed and stained their deck, so that's good for another couple years. Along with smaller tidbits of things, we did accomplish getting some things done for both sides of the family. 

So, coming full circle, all my blog posts for the last two weeks have been scheduled way in advance....except this one. I thought for sure I had them all done, but I goofed up and didn't have anything done for this new challenge. DOH!! Good thing I brought some crafty supplies home with me. I actually made 5 cards while at home! (Holy Crap Batman!) So even though I told Leslie that I would have to sit this one out, I realized I had something that I could use for the new challenge, which is to use bling on your card or project. Here's what I made:

 Here is the inside:

I know there's not a lot of bling on this, but I didn't bring a lot home with me, so hopefully this will suffice with the sequins. My card is based on the now closed Case this Sketch #132. When I made this card, it was still open, but being in northern WI, the WiFi doesn't always work. At all. Nope. At least I took some pictures of what I made. Maybe I'll even blog about the other cards in the near future. It could happen....

I hope that you get the chance to play along with our Bling challenge at Shopping Our Stash. You know you have tons of rhinestones and sequins that need to be put on a card or project. Go and make something, but make sure you link it up to us so we can see it! Oh, and don't forget to check out what my teammies created for your viewing pleasure, and leave them some bloggy love! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have a great day!


  1. ok, yeah, i see your point that technically it's not A LOT of bling... but it's the perfect size & proportion for the stamps and using it on the CAS white background makes it really stand out! a triumph for sure missus!!! ♥

    (ps: the "vacation" to visit & help parents sounds familiar... w're all hitting that age i guess... you are GOOD PEOPLE & i'm sure it's much appreciated!!! ♥♥♥)

  2. Awesome CAS card, I wish I could make mine look that good. Nice to get those big jobs done for family I'm sure it was appreciated.

  3. What a lovely CAS card! Your bling adds the perfect amount of shine to your card! Absolutely love it!

  4. I say, if it shines, it's bling, right? Nicely done! The inking is beautiful. :)

  5. Beautiful flowers, butterflies, and bling, Chrispy! And look at you, publishing long-distance!! You and Andy are good kids, you know that?! I'm really sorry about his father's passing. As a geezer who has done my share of cleaning and chucking cra, er, years worth of memories, I'm trying hard to keep things minimal for my son's sake. Or, lets be honest, for my DIL's sake! Except for my crafty schtuff. They'll just have to deal. Enjoy the rest of your vacay and have some down time for yourselves, too! Hugs, Darnell

  6. You two are so sweet to help out with the tough jobs when you go home! Very sorry to hear about Andy's father. I know all your hard work was very much appreciated!
    Your card is adorable! Those sequins look like bling to me, and I love the soft shimmer on the butterflies and flowers. And very cool multi-colored inking, too!

  7. I love the way you inked the flowers! And WOOT that you got some crafty time on your helping vacation :)


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