Monday, November 5, 2012


Ok, here's the story: Back on August 3rd, I was happy to find out that I was one of the winners of the Epiphany giveaway on the Create: blog. Well, after 3 (count em, 3!) attempts to ship the prize out to me UPS, this is what was sent to me:

I can only guess at what happened the first two tries. Keep in mind that UPS scans boxes when they pick up, when they get to a depot, when it leaves that depot, when it gets to the next depot, when it leaves that one, etc. Also, Northridge Publishing sent me emails to track the packages. The first two never had any information other than "package was delivered". Only the last try had all the details. (Leads me to believe that someone either sent it to the wrong address, someone at NP walked off with the prize, or they never sent it out in the first place and the prize mysteriously 'vanished').

Don't get me wrong. I'm grateful that Alex M. at NP did everything in his power to make it right, and appreciate what was sent. It's just that I already have these issues. (There were two additional issues that I didn't have, and kept them!)

So, if you or anyone you know would like what's shown in the above picture, I'd be happy to send them out to you. The first to respond to this post who types "I WANT THIS" is the lucky duck! (I don't know how to do that random pick thing, sorry!)

Good luck!

Spreading the crafty love,
Chris ☺


  1. You got it Terri! Relieved to see you live in the U.S. (I forgot to put a disclaimer about U.S. residents only! DOH!) Hey, it's my first blog giveaway. ☺ Please email your info and I'll send out your goodies asap!

  2. Oh, bummer on the prize boxes, Chris! Kinda disappointing, huh? You are so sweet to send these out and pass along the goodness, though!


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